The Third Day – Dwapara Yuga

               He entered the Satya Loka where the evergreen Trimurthi awaited his arrival. It was the third day of Lord Brahma’s life. It was in the first Yuga, known as the Satya Yuga, when the Lord of Evil entered into this abode of Brahma – The Satya Loka. He looked at the Trimurthi with an obvious smirk on his face and said, more of a taunt,

                “I presume that the mourning of Sarayu is not yet over?”

                As he said this, his eyes were inexplicably drawn towards a barely visible figure that stood away from the foursome. The stranger did not move nor did he utter a word. But fury burnt inside him like the angry ocean threatening to devour him.
                “I have destroyed Sarayu.. twice, and today is the third day.” he continued. He gave a small pause and tilted his head towards them cunningly.
                “One more time…and your position would be mine. The Trimurthi will be replaced by a greater lord…Lord of Evil! I will finally achieve the supreme power. I will own this universe. And none can defeat me. Not even you.”
                 He laughed at the Trimurthi mockingly. He had been waiting for this to happen for 17 billion years which is equivalent to two days in Brahma’s life. The Trimurthi looked on…there was a glint of regret and pity…

                 As per the Puranas of the Hindu Mythology, Lord Brahma is called the creator of the Universe, while Lord Vishnu is the Preserver and Lord Shiva is known as the Destroyer of the Universe. Together, they form the Trimurthi. It was told in puranas that, one whole day(day/night) of Lord Brahma is equivalent to 8 billion 640 million years. Similarly, one Kalpa or one day of his life which has 4 billion 320 million years is again divided into 4 Yugas.
                  The book, “The Third Day – Dwapara Yuga” touches the sense of creation, the strange mistake done by Lord Brahma while creating the Universe and how eventually things directed towards Elsker – the Universe falling in love with Sarayu – the Earth. And how  the Manas Putras  and the Universal Mind were striving to save Sarayu shall be shared in the rest of my posts.

Written By : Sharada Vallem


11 comments on “The Third Day – Dwapara Yuga

  1. Hi Sharada, your book teaser got my attention.
    Why don’t you start posting the content?
    I would like to see your perspective on this mythological aspect of universe creation.
    What was the mistake done by Lord Bhramma? You gotta fuel this curiosity soon. By the way, I hope you have created a twitter handle for your book, to share updates.

  2. Superb Post Sharada. Nice narration and it really gets reader attention if someone starts reading it.. So Nice…. Good Luck !!!

  3. Thank you all for your valuable comments, the releasing date is yet to decide, in the meantime I will be sharing the updates about the story. Open to discussions, suggestions and improvements if require as I am an amature so I would love avail this oppurtunity.

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