Sharada Vallem

Hi Everyone,

              I am the author of the book, “The Third Day – Dwapara Yuga“. I often thought about “what would readers prefer to know about an author?” “Will it be the high educational background or their position in literature?” But we do have authors who are novice yet their books have been best sellers.  Though what would interest a reader about an author varies from person to person there will be a Universally accepted view in common that connects all the readers views in knowing about an author. Before stating my view, I would like to say one thing very clearly, “for every thought, idea or quotation there exists an opposite of its kind,” so whatever I say might not impress everyone, a contradictory opinions often exists.

             According to me, the Universally accepted view is, “it is the author’s strong beliefs“.

              It was time when I was reading Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead book, I found these lines very captivating which were said by Howard Roark in the book.

             “Here are my rules: what can be done with one substance must never be done with another. No two materials are alike. No two sites on earth are alike. No two buildings have the same purpose. The purpose, the site, the material determine the shape. Nothing can be reasonable or beautiful unless it’s made by one central idea, and the idea sets every detail. A building is alive, like a man. Its integrity is to follow its own truth, its one single theme, and to serve its own single purpose. A man doesn’t borrow pieces of his body. A building doesn’t borrow hunks of its soul. Its maker gives it the soul and every wall, window and stairway to express it.”

            Within this Nature, be it the small leaf of plant or tiny atoms at the granularity level nothing is created 100% alike, then as a human being who is blessed with high intellectuality and great imaginative power, why one should simply follow the mob? Before writing this blog, though I have written many thoughts of mine, I haven’t published any of them as I felt that, there isn’t any specific purpose behind posting my ideas simply because someone else is posting their’s without any purpose. Now, today I found the purpose behind posting and that is to show the readers that this book has propelled by my immense research and imagination. Through this blog I would like to share what I had felt at every point of time, how I became so obsessed to write a book who never had prefered to read one before writing this, and many other things which I felt amazing through my observations. As I believe observation is the best source for Imagination.


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