The Biased and Unbiased

If my earlier post “That First Thought” challenged me to understand the game changing consequence of my life by choosing “writing a book” after infusing the Black Swan’s principle into my thought process, then this post,”The Biased and Unbiased” briefs out the two contradictory thinkers that existed and will continue to exist in my subconscious mind, had started intriguing me “about the approach”. These two thinkers do exist in not just me, but in every individual’s mind. Who are they? When have they invaded us? Nobody is indubitably certain about it. They happen to occur when the situation calls in. I came across them, listened to their provocative approaches, and then I finally realized that they actually are living with me the minute I entered into this world.

            This habit of mine “writing diary” which persisted in my mind, I consider it as the best thing ever, as I used to jot down my emotions, memories and plenty of my feelings. After two years when I stumbled upon the idea of writing a blog to share this journey. I was emotionally aroused when I opened the diary to re-read.

            It was on April 28th I met these two conflicting thinkers in my subconscious mind. I named them as biased and unbiased thinkers. This is the smallest conversation that they both had early in the morning on that day, and I was simply listening, and had been thinking who is justifying their points more strongly.

            Biased thinker: What have you chosen your approach to be?

            Unbiased thinker: I have set my mind.

            Biased thinker: Are you willing to accept mine?

            Unbiased thinker: Never.

            Biased thinker: The world in which I live is such a set where one could find plenty of ideas. A perfect picture could be framed if you have little cognizance about what is happening around the world, what people really want to read, what pulsates their nerve when reading, how sensibly it should be written. You need to go according to their interests, you just have to analyze and follow the present writings accordingly. This is purely a commercialized world.

            Unbiased thinker:, why should I Here comes the question follow others? Nowhere, not just in the literature world, but in all the fields, it was written that one has to follow others’ views. If one idea exists then a contradictory too exists to that one. Like I said before, “for every thought, idea or quotation there exist an opposite of its kind,”

            Now tell me which one should be considered and which one is denied. I am certain about one idea beyond any doubt, and that is, if I cultivate these pure thoughts of mine, without reading other fantasy books, by not getting influenced by their imaginations, I can unquestionably come up with my own fantasy world. Not everything can work with simple copy paste attitude.

            Biased thinker: I do accept your point. So far you haven’t read how a fantasy novel would be though you have seen many movies writing a book, understanding how a character should be decided, the flaws in your plots and connections between lead protagonist and anti – protagonist roles, how well they are competent from one other can be understood only when you take reference of other well – written books.

            Unbiased thinker: Let me take you to the History. I know it is a huge subject to discuss upon, but I would like to still say something. Centuries ago when the Sundial and Hourglass were made for measuring time, it was the time when migration and transportation for the people was the rarest thing to happen, at that point all most all the countries made the Hourglass, their ideas emerged out of need, nobody followed one another, it was purely their though process. So everything comes out of need and willingness to do. This decision to following you or mine to the writer (i.e. me) is very crucial at the very beginning because based on this decision her train of thoughts would proceed further. So following you or me at this stage decides her fate.

            Biased thinker: This reference is just to explain you how a fantasy novel could be written. I am not saying you to follow their thoughts, but I am asking you to take this as a reference in writing because so far you have studied only the logical, scientific, real time experiences and such similar stuff. Now the fantasy novel that you have chosen is more about being imaginative which is quite contradictory to logical senses.

            Unbiased thinker: I am done.

By thedwaparayuga

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