The King’s Diary…

The Millionth Year.

The King of South’s Diary.

Day 8 – 1,’O,’ Clock – Midnight.

The Thala-Patra Grandas.

I opened the Grandas, and found that the author who had written them, had chosen Sanskrit as the means of communication. Sanskrit is considered to be the liturgical language of Hinduism, which means, a sacred language in religious contexts. It is our mother tongue.

The Grandas introduced themselves with ‘The Sri Guru Stotram’. It is a two line ‘Sloka’ , or a stanza, which is written by every scholar before the beginning of any manuscript. Which meant, Guru is Brahma, Vishnu and the great Maheswara (Lord Shiva). Guru is the real Brahman and so I salute the Guru.

I was aware of these lines, as I myself prefer to write them down before beginning any script.

The next statement that I read had made my heart skip a beat in an eerie fear…

It was written that, “if one has started reading these scripts, then its indubitably understood that, the era of Dwapara Yuga has already begun. In particular, the Millionth Year has begun. Over and above, that they are in last days of the first month..this month in which the innocent shall die…many will flee…and the dead will wake…to decide the future of the land with astonishing beauty and culture.

I wondered how, and whoever had written it, knew the exact days with appropriate counts. Myriad of questions were flashing in my mind one after the other, but I didn’t delay in reading further, for my inquisitiveness had been increasing drastically. I continued to read,

‘I shall not anticipate any solutions to the latest happenings in the realm, for this manuscript wasn’t about providing solutions, rather it was about the strategies that the Evil had invented to outperform with his wicked deeds. It seems, the enemy aren’t normal human beings like us. The elixir which the enemy named ‘Asuramrutham’ helped these creatures invoke life into their dead bodies…’

I felt weak in my knees as these words sank into my mind. I felt as if, I came face to face with them, and they pulverized, not just parts of my body, but every nerve of mine.


If the Grandas were not expected to anticipate the solution for that Millionth Year then why they were written, and who has written them? What could be the latest happenings in the realm? Who are these creatures? Staple of these intriguing questions, if it was mentioned that it is the King of South’s diary then, who is reading it?

By thedwaparayuga

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