That First Thought

I am the author of “The Third Day – Dwapara Yuga” book. It was April 8th 2010 this idea of writing a book sparkled in my life like a thin beam of brightening light in pitch dark. Least did I predict that it would preoccupy my mind completely for the next 2 years. Now that I have completed 2 years spending time on this book I feel that I hold different level of thinking against the people in my vicinity. I observed people saying that they aren’t satisfied with what they are currently pursuing, indeed the excruciating wait for the weekend and the hatered for monday mornings. Even I was once a victim of these feelings. The unsatisfactory levels had taken off to a next level and carried the emotion of “I am done now and I cannot rewrite my life again”. By falling prey to these emotions I sensed as if I was following the mob of people who had no vision in their lives. They were sharing similar feelings like mine. I had been simply running the race when I strongly believe that “Innovation is always inversely proportional to the competition”. I want to quit myself competing. I want to become newly alive but how was a daunting question to me. Then this idea stumbled upon me like a ray of hope.

              All the situations which everyone is facing now in their lives will have only two possibilities, make it happen‘ or ‘could not make it happen‘. There wouldn’t be an intersection part at all. Here the ‘it’ refers to, is about every decision that we take in our lives. That day, I felt that I have two choices:

                         One – ‘It is possible for me if I give an attempt’.

                         Two – ‘It is not possible’.

                 These were my possibilities which contradicts one another. I often read books of revolutionary thinkers’ personal lives like my favorite Richard Feynman who created a revolution in Quantum Physics, and his book Pleasure in finding small things was really an amazing one, on cognitive science like Steven Pinker’s Thinking Fast and Slow book and the list goes on. Indeed, my choice of reading doesn’t match to the idea of writing a fantasy book.

             At that juncture, I came across a book called Black Swan by Nassim Taleb which was quite interesting and influencing. In his book he mentioned that a “Black Swan” is a highly improbable event with three principal characteristics: It is unpredictable; it carries a massive impact; and, after the fact, we concoct an explanation that makes it appear less random, and more predictable, than it was.         

             What he said does really makes sense. The situations in our life we feel as if they were completely unpredictable, and then we observe major impact when that situation occurs, and even more interesting thing is, when we trace back that situation about, “how it happened?” at that time, we realize that the situation occurred is more predictable than it really was. It is just that we have to understand and have to take necessary measures before it occurs so that we can avoid any negative impact on us and on our loved one’s. 

             After reading these lines I thought to apply it in my life too. The only difference is I am still at the beginning of taking a decision. It is just that I have to find out what would happen or how would it be if I take any of the above choices I have which would lead to me being very happy at the end.

                  ***  As I am at the beginning stage of taking a decision   ***

One – ‘It is possible for me if I give an attempt’

        I. I can imagine how my life would be if I take up this choice.

       II. It could have major impact – It could be game changer of my life.

       III. If I don’t take up this now, that regret would daunt me for the rest of my life. 

Two – ‘It is not possible’

       I. I can imagine how my life would be if I take up this choice.

       II. It would have major impact – No change, will be unsatisfactory emotions, whining and living lifeless.

       III. If I take up this now, I will have to lead a lousy life for the next phase of my life.

So this was how I thought about two conditions and I know how things would be based on my choices, and then I finally decided to write a book as I didn’t want to carry that burden of regret feeling. In my next post I will throw some light on how I ended up writing in pure imagination.

By thedwaparayuga

6 comments on “That First Thought

  1. I could feel the frustration as I’m a vicim too.. I truely agree on “I want to quit myself competing”. I too am in search of something meaningful. As aptly put by u, it totally depends on the choices you make. I’m happy that you have made yours. 🙂 and all the best!. Waiting for your next one 🙂

  2. Hello Sharada,

    Your wonderful little post here demonstrates the depth of your understanding of real life that most of us could easily connect to, and I am glad that you haven’t fallen in that rat race. I couldn’t agree more with your motivation as I personally too, do believe that “It’s better to chase your dream each day than die of regrets one day”.

    I hope your book will bring you more success, joy and happiness in life, and I am looking forward to reading your book soon.

    Best Wishes!!

  3. Great Work Sharada… i really liked it. looking forward for your book. Everybody in our class knew you were different and now you proved that U really are… All the Best Buddy!!!!!!! 🙂

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