The Cursed Warrior

“Did you receive the pulse of Elsker’s first move?” asked the general of Evil’s army to the cursed warrior. Considered to be the most prominent person in his Army, he was among the legendary clan of the Manas Putras, in his past life. Known to be an exceedingly evil man, he was the favorite disciple of Lord Evil. Elsker was in search of this warrior since long. He only came in contact with him during the parallel connectivity of their thoughts. A process which is almost unattainable, produces a tremendous effect on one. If mishandled, could lead to chaos. Parallel thinking induces thoughts and emotions that flow on the same level as that of another person, to the same person. One can travel through a wave of ideas parallelly, given that the two people share a similar motive. The induced thoughts may or may not contradict the original ideas of a person. They also might be false and deceitful.

The warrior looked at the general with a calm face and said, “Yes.”

Turning his face away from the general, he maintained a calm and confident voice and continued, “He is trying to unearth the City of Lost Souls. A smart move…” he said. “Well…two cannot play a fair game, general. It’s time to play my cards.”

There was a long pause in which the warrior succumbed to deep thinking.

“We shall lead him to the city of lost souls.” said the cursed warrior finally.

The warrior knew that Elsker would eventually find out about this. He suspected that Elsker wanted the same as well.

The general looked stunned. “But, how are we going to benefit with this move?” he asked.

“Once the city is discovered, we can plan an attack on both the souls and the people. As far as my suspicions are concerned, Elsker would try to keep them safe and probably guide them to build their houses near the mountain. But he would be too late…they wouldn’t be able to learn the Varma Kalai in such a short span of time,” and then, turning his face towards the general, his face a picture of evil, with a sly half smile running on his lips, he mouthed darkly, “…no one will be spared..”

“General, arrange for Asura and few other spirits to begin the attack on the mountain as soon as possible,” ordered the cursed warrior. As he left he turned back and added, “Of course the attack must be intended to open the voyager’s eyes that the existence of the souls and their art is very much real and not a nightmare that he assumes it to be.” He silently walked away.

By thedwaparayuga

Integrity of the Equation

Have you ever imagined an incident to be fading right that instant after its occurrence as if nothing had took place? For instance, you have seen a major accident, and then that visualization slowly faded away completely from the roots of your mind. Or felt “wish this shouldn’t have happened”. Here neither am I talking about going invisible nor am I intriguing what you would do if you’re invisible. In this world of uncertainty, major or minor happenings, catastrophes or happening milestones in our life is, to some extent unlikely to predict prior to its occurrence, but it does have a major impact be it virtue or a curse. Its occurrence has ‘N’ set of possibilities. Now, moving further, I would like to portray this with an example considering one of the set of possibilities for an incident to happen, after analyzing it one might agree to the fact that “there could be infinitely many possibilities.”

Imagine yourself dining in a swanky restaurant accompanied by your family, but for some reasons you seemed to be disturbed and carried the same discomfort. The human’s nature is implanted with such feelings that we at times lose control over our emotions, so you howled at the waiter for bringing wrong order. The waiter knew about the impact if anything goes wrong, so in a hurry he tried to replace the order, but his fate seemed to be quite unfavorable on him due to which he accidentally tumbled onto the nearest table. The people who were sitting on that table were seriously discussing business. The waiter’s misfortune had made the client cancel the contract. He walked out of the restaurant with serious discomfort due to which he accidentally hit the bike that was passing by. The biker had lost his life. His family members might have felt deeply that “he shouldn’t have been there at that point,” “they felt that he would have been safe, if his mother didn’t ask him to go for medical bills (biker was going to medical store),” such irrevocable thoughts were going on in their minds. I just took one instance of possibility for the disastrous to occur, but there might be ‘N’ infinite instances for this to happen.

Thus far, I presented only the cascading effects in an instance of a misfortune (wholly it is a single entity, the same bike accident could have occurred in other ways). But now, I am going to share the fortune that I have met with which has recreated greater cascade of fortune in my life…

I seize this opportunity to introduce my dearest friend, “Rukmini Vedantham,” who has been instrumental in shaping my career, if one considers pursuing interest is also a career. This book has well and truly changed and overhauled the equation of my “well-trodden” trajectory to the one that is free of that.

The book in its infancy was a bit badly organized with my writing this, instance I felt that literary writing was a distant mirage to me and the knowledge of literary context that I had, had left me stranded with an unfulfilled dream of mine. But in the aftermath of this unpleasant sorrow, her involvement has been essential; she is the one who gave or brought a real bite to my story, plot and tone with her flair for coherent and dramatic narration. Additionally, she had helped me getting to grips with the literary terms and the language and gave ground to me in embracing it. I consider her, contribution to this book and in shaping my career or trajectory, as one of the integral fluent of my equation and the work done by us in tandem has brought this project to fruition, is well beyond compare.

This post is neither an expression to pay tribute to her nor a token of gratitude but these are the feelings personally felt and that are expressed.

By thedwaparayuga